Data Backup and Recovery

Create own management groups in SnapManager


Is it possible to create your own management groups for SnapManager backups? There are Standard, Daily and Weekly groups by default but would the following be possible, for example:

new-backup  –svr 'SERVERNAME'  -d 'SQLINSTANCE', '5', 'DB1', 'DB2', 'DB3', 'DB4', 'DB5' -lb -bksif -RetainSnapofSnapInfoDays 1 -noutm  -gen -updmir  –mgmt hourly

I'd like to take hourly backups with a very short retention policy keeping say, the last 4-5 backups. I don't want this retention policy to interfere with our full daily backups taken each night, or weekly backups. In this case our SQL Transaction Log backups are in the Standard management group so placing the job there would interfere with those and reduce our up-to-the-minute restore capability.

Any thoughts?




Looks like you were not able to help on this issue here.  We have external and internal subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community answering questions about SnapX products and software.  If you have a NOW login, this link enables you to engage them about this.