Data Backup and Recovery

Does SME work with the new replication features in Exchange 2007?



SME is LCR/CCR aware. Aware means that SME can detect whether a storage group is LCR/CCR enabled. You can then take backups of either your active database or your passive database. Best practice would be to take backups of your passive database. This allows the active database to server e-mails and other Exchange tasks without feeling the effect of the backup/verification process.

SCR is a bit different than any of the other two replications for Exchange. With SCR, the target database is locked when replication between the source and target is seeded. Therefore, you cannot take a backup of the target database. However, SME can still take backups of the source database. And using a remote verification server, or replicating those backups off to a DR location, we can use those servers to perform verifications.

There's also a Technical Report on Best Practices for Continuous Replication on NetApp Storage. It's definitely worth a reading.



Good to know ... does single mailbox recovery also work with Exchange 2007?


Excellent question Friea...

Yes...SMBR definitely supports Exchange 2007. There will be a soon to be released version of SMBR that'll support Exchange 2007 SP1.


FYI - It seems that the link for the technical report on continuous replication is broken.


Fixed now. With the revamp of our www page, some links were still being updated when I posted this. The new link should be the permanent link for TRs.