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Does a snapdrive upgrade disconnect the luns?



I'm prep-reading before I upgrade 2 snapdrive installations from 6.5 to 7.1.1, on 2 physical separate windows 2008 r2 servers.  The existing disks are presented over FC from filers running 8.1.1 (7-mode).


I can't locate exactly what the expected behaviour should be during the upgrade.  Should the disks remain presented to the server?  I'm assuming the snapdrive service will stop to release the files during the upgrade.  The installation guide doesn't appear to state "This should be a non-disruptive process".  From my current reading, most imply that there should be no problem.  Obvisouly, the reason for me trying to locate this nugget of information is to confirm whether I can perform the snapdrive upgrade during the day.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks




We performed a similar upgrade of Snap Drive and DSM on windows servers using iSCSI LUNs.


The disks diidn't disconnect. However, we brought all databases offline before performing this activity clubbed with ONTAP upgrade to 8.1.4P6 (7mode).


After the upgrade the databases were brought online without issues.


I have always upgraded my SnapDrive instalations during the production hours. And I never had any problems with it. SnapDrive services and application do not interferes with the presentation of the luns. You can actually stop the service or uninstall it and the luns are still present.