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FAS2040HA how much time to install (new user)


I have been quoted by a Netapp provider:-  2No planning days + 5 No. days to set  up a FAS2040HA i.e. FAS2040 + one shelf with 24No. 3Tb SATA disks in the shelf unit, the main unit to be diskless for the time being. Setup is 12No.disks per controller as Raid DP + one hot spare/controller.

This seems far to much time given how simple the demonstations looked.

Can anyone please advise

Thanks  Jeff Denner



Hello Jeff

it is always difficult to judge this type of question

What contains exactly the proposal

Transfer of competence

Provision of a document installation and operation,and so on.

Is it just configuring FAS or also create volume,lun, ......... connect and test host, configure FC Switch if applicable

You can setup this config  "ready state" in 1 day

but "What else George "  🙂




I’d agree with other replies here, that its hard to say…a 2040 to get up and running is pretty easy, but its what else that goes with it, what’s it getting connected to, what data transfers are in place, you deploying NAS and SAN capability..

Without knowing lots of detail of the project, it would be impossible to say…but certainly just a basic build…a day would be fine, however as a project implementation, who knows.


Hi Jeff and welcome to the Community!

It could be too much or too less - depending what is in and out of scope.

Have you got any list of implementation tasks?

Is it 'lights on' type of implementation, or a lot of host integration as well (e.g. SnapManager products installations)?