Data Backup and Recovery

How do I back up VMs to tape without granularity?


Ok, So I have a large number of datastores with a large number of VMs. We have plenty of space on the source, the destination mirror and the destination vault. I would be willing to bet we will never ever have to restore from tape. HOWEVER, site policy mandates (for now) that a dump to tape happen each month and be stored offsite. Fine.


What I want to have happen is simply dump the VMs to tape...but with no file level granularity. I don't need that. If there is an issue to recall the tape, it will likely require the whole VM anyway. On top of that, we want the dump to tape to go as quickly as possible. RIght now, it is painfully slow for the vast number of VMs we have as it appears it is do file level (granular) backups.


I certainly want the granularity for all backups except the dump to tape.


Is this possible? 


How do I do this?