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How do I manage SnapManager log files



After reading the SnapManager 6.0 administration guide, I did find any information on managing the log files themselves, nor did I find any settings in SnapManager for that.  Once we turned on monitoring and reporting, by default the log files (txt files) are accumulating in: C:\Program Files\Netapp\SnapManager for SQL Server\Report, and the size of the directory is continually growing.  My concern is that the directory will inflate, reducing free space on our C:\ drive of the server.  Is there some setting to manage the scope and/or size of the log files retention that I'm missing here?  If not, we will use our own Perl script to go behind and clean them up in a rotation, but we thought that a basic administration task/feature such as this would have been built-in to the product.  Please advise.

Thank you,

Mike T.



Force again. Got the same here.

C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SQL Server\Report\Backup [%hostname%]

Is about 4 GB big.

AFAIK there is no option besides manual clean up, we tend to run a script delete everything with timestamp older 14 days.

thanks so i can remove the logfiles i.a. 06-02-2010_06.30.05.txt?

if you like you can remove complete subdirs from report folder, they will be recreated if needed.