Data Backup and Recovery

How to backup SQL over SMB3 databases?


Hi, ALL!

We are newbie in the NetApp's world and we are in progress of moving to NetApp from our old storages.

One of my dreams was to get rid of RDM's and work with SMB for SQL databases.

Finally, NetApp has an ability to server MS SQL Cluster and put databases on continuous availability share.

Everyting worked fine before we decided to use SnapCenter as backup/restore solution.

How was I shocked watching how SnapCenter lies to me that my databases are not placed on NetApp's storage!

Digging through documentation I found that SnapCenter does not support SQL over SMB3 databases.


The first question is WHY?

The second question - Will it be possible in any future version? 




@rome Are you still looking for the solution? I can help you find an expert who can look into your query.


I too would like to know when SnapCenter will support SQL over SMB. Thanks.