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Implementation Planning & Pitfalls?


We've purchased two Brocade DCXs each with an encryption blade via an HP reseller and are planning to merge our HP EVA and NetApp storage into a combined single (dual fabric) SAN.

We're running Data OnTap 7.3.2P4 on a pair of clustered 3020c filers, also connecting to HP MSL6060 tape libraries and using HP Data Protector / NDMP for backups. (There is a separate SAN switch dedicated to backups).

Are there any specific pitfalls or other points we should be aware of when planning the implementation? The plan we have so far is to migrate everything over to the new SAN one half of the fabric at a time - initially unencrypted and then once everything is operational and tested we will encrypt specific LUNs based on business requirements. The plan is to connect the storage arrays and tape libraries to the (16-port) encryption blade in each DCX and the servers to the 32-port normal blade. The NetApp-connected servers are all running Windows Server 2003 and use SnapDrive / NetApp DSM MPIO.

Any specific software or firmware versions we need to be running as a minimum?






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Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
Senior Community Program Manager


Hello Nick,

The question is not quite so simple since the support for the level of Fabric OS on the Brocade, along with adding native encryption rather than a DataFort compatibility mode. This is better answered by checking cadidates from your supporting vendors Brocade matrix. If we look up support from the NetApp support matrix it will be based upon our testing rather than your SAN providers testing and certification. Also, when looking for a minimum version the either the correct native stack for MPIO or the proper VRTS revision should be selected for review of the support matrix.