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Installing SnapDrive UNIX 5.2.1


Good afternoon,

I'm having issues with SnapDrive on a openSUSE, we have a Linux server virtualized that runs on ESXi 5.0.

The server is:

Linux #1 SMP PREEMPT 2012-10-18 22:36:08 +0200 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I have installed:



However after the SnapDrive wizard completed the below error appears:

Restarting the snapdrive daemon...

Successfully stopped daemon

WARNING!!! Unable to find a SAN storage stack. Please verify that the appropriate transport protocol, volume manager, file system and multipathing type are installed and configured in the system. If NFS is being used, this warning message can be ignored.

Successfully started daemon

I can't find any documentation or support documents that are able to resolve this error?

The Windows SnapDrive is much more straight-forward and just works as required. So any help would be great guys! Thanks.



I've given up on trying to use SnapManager to maintain this, I've decided to just create a new volume and use symbolic links to get this working.

I appreciate your help however Dan.

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How is this particular OpenSUSE VM going to be connecting to the target NetApp array? If this is just a VM that will not connect to any outside storage you shouldn't need to install SnapDrive nor the host utilities. If you do plan for the VM to connect to external storage please reply with the protocol that you plan on using. In the chance that you are planning on connecting this VM to external storage via NFS then you can safely ignore this error message.



Hi Dan,

The VM needs a iSCSI target for an application, I cannot provision another disk for this due to the way the application requires the volume to be present it will only use iSCSI.

The plan is to install:



Then connect the guest to the mapping as we would with a Windows machine using RDM's.


Checkout this document which explains the entire iSCSI setup process for Linux-based systems (including dm-multipath setup). Once dm-multipath is setup and configured the "Unable to find a SAN storage stack" error message should go away.



Thanks Dan,

We are already using the iSCSI target to a NetGear appliance, however this device does have any redundancy. So I need to move the iSCSI target to our NetApp filers.

iSCSI is already setup and working, I'm use to normally having a GUI for setting up SnapManager and the Linux documentation for this doesn't provide either enough information or clear resolutions. I've created a volume on a filer using OnCommand, no LUN has been created at this point.

Looking through the installation documentation for SnapDrive for UNIX 'sdconfcheck' gives some feedback:

          localhost:/etc/iscsi # sdconfcheck version

          SnapDrive Configuration Checker Version 1.2.0

          localhost:/etc/iscsi # sdconfcheck detect

          NOTE: SnapDrive Configuration Checker is using the data file version  v12052013

          Please make sure that you are using the latest version. Refer to the SnapDrive for Unix Installation and Administration Guide for more details.

          Detected Intel/AMD x64 Architecture

          Detected Linux OS

          Detected sg3_utils 1.29

          Detected Kernel Version

          Detected LVM_SUPPRESS_FD_WARNINGS has not set

          Detected /etc/multipath.conf file not found

          Detected Multipathing version 0.4.8

          Detected Host OS SLES 11

          Error: No Client Stats (/proc/net/rpc/nfs: No such file or directory).

          Detected Software ISCSI on SLES

          Detected NFSv3 FileSystem on Linux

          Detected   Ext3 File System

          Detected   Ext4 File System

          Detected   Linux Native LVM2

          Detected   Linux Native MPIO

          Did not find any supported cluster solutions.

          Detected   iSCSI Linux Host Utilities 6.2


          Trace-Enabled: on

          Trace-Level: 7

I've followed all the documentation up to this point, so I am unsure why I am having issues in the items in bold above?


If I understand correctly you have configured the iSCIS initiator service however you have not yet setup multipathing correct? If that is correct you need need to configure dm-multipath by populating "/etc/multipath.conf" with the necessary content (see the link I posted earlier). Once that is done the error message should go away. Even after the error message goes away you might want to create a test LUN & igroup and see if you see it from the host side (just to make sure everything is configured properly).



I've given up on trying to use SnapManager to maintain this, I've decided to just create a new volume and use symbolic links to get this working.

I appreciate your help however Dan.