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Intermittent NDMP backup failures in NetBackup


All, We have full backups during weekends and we are getting error 99 intermittenly. Below are the message.


07/11/2015 12:08:40 - Error ndmpagent (pid=20656) nas1a: DUMP: Too many active dumps/restores currently in progress.
07/11/2015 12:08:40 - Info ndmpagent (pid=20656) nas1a: NDMP_OP_ERRORCODE is 'EMAXBACKUPS'
07/11/2015 12:08:40 - Info ndmpagent (pid=20656) nas1a: DUMP: Dump failed to initialize.
07/11/2015 12:08:40 - Info ndmpagent (pid=20656) nas1a: DUMP: DUMP IS ABORTED
07/11/2015 12:08:40 - Error ndmpagent (pid=20656) nas1a: DATA: Operation terminated: EVENT: INTERNAL ERROR (for /vol/vol1)
07/11/2015 12:08:40 - Error ndmpagent (pid=20656) NDMP backup failed, path = /vol/vol1


This is due to multiple streams/jobs/snapshots running at the same time and this will go away if i uncheck multiple streams in netbackup.


Checked NetApp forms and NetBackup forums and did not get any solution. Looking to see a way where i can increase the number of concurrent snapshots for a particular filer or an option on NDMP.


Thank you very much for your time.


Actually, this error code means you have initiated too many backups simultaneously.
How many backup streams are running simultaneously? Please consider to reduce maximum simultaneous jobs on this NDMP client at client properties, storage unit attribute, or policy attribute.
Also check if any orphan NDMP session is left by "ndmp probe" while idle time.




 Try restarting the NDMP services and clear the orphan snapshots.



The amount of concurrent NDMP streams is limited to the amount of memory the controller has. You can see the amount in the command output "sysconfig -a".

Based on that you can reduce concurrent backup jobs





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