Data Backup and Recovery

Issues since upgrading to VSC 6.2


We are experiencing issues with VSC since upgrading to 6.2

We are running our VMs over NFS with VMDKs

After a couple of days we start seeing SnapManager for SQL jobs failing due to SnapDrive no longer being able to enumerate the drives, we also can no longer see VSC Backup jobs (SMVI) from the VSC Web console.

After we restart the VSC services everything goes back to normal but it happens again after a couple of days.


Hi Which version of SnapDrive are you using? check if in the Snapdrive debug logs you see an error like "Error in fetching vmfs datastore" and then in which phase does the SMSQL backup fail?


We are running Snapdrive 7.1.3P1


In the Snapdrive logs we are seeing the following messages: 


Failed to enumerate VMDK disks. Reasons Failed to authenticate user ***** with vCenter Server {VCenter Server}.

enumerate_VMDK_disks Failed with -1073475470


The SMSQL backup fails because it does not think the databases are on Netapp storage becuase of the issue with Snapdrive being unable to enumerate VMDK drives.

Hi did you properly register the VSC plugin after the upgrade for example by accessing, on the VSC machine, to https://localhost:8143/Register.html? You can also check in the virtualization api logs if there are some more information about this issue at the same timestamp.


Yes we properly deregistered VSC 6.1 ensuring we removed the web plugins from VCenter and then installed and regisitered the new VSC 6.2.

If VSC 6.2 was not registered then nothing would work, we wouldn't see the VSC dashboard in VCenter and have the VSC options on the menu's in VCenter, it's all working fine but fails after a few days.