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Know any good filer Stress testing tools?



I am looking for some stress test tools to emulate upto 2000 users on the filer system using diferent senarios of big/small files. Also I would like to have reporting of the test conditions such as files transfered, file sizes, concurrent users etc.

Can you suggest any tools that that may be worth looking at to do this.

Many thanks




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I have heard there is a builtin tool called hammer, never used it , but from what I hear it puts a significant load on the filer, deifinately not reccomended to be used if you have critical data on the filer.

Found this link


Yes, there is hammer and filersio, but I definitely wouldn't recommend using either one. Totally unsupported, and there's no real way to controlling them properly.

I'd go for the 3rd party apps to be honest, and I'd try make it as realistic to your planned environment as possible. If you're going to be running SQL and Exchange, try running some stress tools from them also.

However the performance of the NetApp systems is pretty well known. A better way of sizing it would probably to understand fully what you are pushing at the moment and work from there. If you have access (or are working with NetApp or a Partner), then check out the customer application sizing tool where you can build up the IOPS and other system requirements.


Is there a tool for CMode filers - Specifically ONTAPI 8.2P3?