Data Backup and Recovery

LUN redirected restore using DFM Protection Manager


I have a number of datasets in Protection Manager to mainly monitor application level backups. We are using FC mounted LUNs for various applications, in this particular case Domino.

Furthermore, I'm managing the backup process with Snap Creator [for Domino] and this works reasonably well. I can integrate Snap Creator with Protection Manager and I have a dataset to monitor the progress of the Snap Creator initiated backups. The SnapVault updates go through and I also trigger a PM snapshot on the secondary side. I'm still polishing the setup with regards to retention on the primary and secondary, but it's getting there.

I'd now like to use Protection Manager to also restore database LUNs. This is almost never a question of overwriting the existing LUN, but instead mounting a snapshot (a LUN clone I guess). I can do this on the command line with "snapvault restore", but since PM has an "interesting" naming convention with regards to snapshots, I'd rather use the PM GUI. I can browse the volume/qtree/lun and the backup versions on both the primary and secondary, and I can set the restore to "other location". I keep a volume "vol_restores" where we place these kinds of restores which we then clean up regularly. The job appears to go through successfully. I get a few NDMP errors "Device not ready" but from what I've read in the kb these errors are benign and the final status is "success".

The LUN never appears though. There is no restored LUN to map to a host, either in System Manager, Filer View or SnapDrive. If I check the used space on "vol_restores", it's gone up with what can be expected from the size of the LUN I restored, so the data appears to have been written but somehow it's not recognized as a LUN.

From what I can read in the PM manual, LUN restores are supposed to work so where am I going wrong?



I am not sure how exactly PM performs restore, but this KB could be relevant:

Or even better this one:


The KB could very well be relevant. I'm running Ontap 8.0.1 on all filers in this setup. I'll investigate further and possibly submit a support case.