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Map lun to Windows server 200r r2



We have a problem when we mapped a LUN to Windows Server 2008 R2

On this server we installed MPIO DSM software

We FAS2040 is with iscsi

The server maps the LUNs but takes a long time to format and all the very slow process so we can not access the disk

anyone can help me?



Do you have Snapdrive installed on the server? Did you connect the LUN through Snapdrive?


Here are a few things that I would look at.

1. Networking speed, duplex, mtu, routing, port errors ect.

2. Disable MPIO from the equation use a single initiator/TPG validate access and speed it should be very quick to format and write data.

3. Verify the network you are communicating across. Ensure you are not using E0m. options interface.blocked.cifs e0M can correct this.

4. Verify the correct lun type was used and the options were setup on the volume create_ucode=on,convert_ucode=on


Is Antivirus software installed on the server? Did you try disable Antivirus?