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Mounting a FlexClone volume fails in NFS environment


SMO latest
Snapdrive latest


Oracle Linux 6.5

Ontap 8.1.4 7-mode


In the SMO 3.3 documentation I found the following


Mounting a FlexClone volume fails in NFS environment
When SnapManager creates a FlexClone of a volume in NFS environment, an entry is added in
the /etc/exports file. The clone or backup fails to mount on a SnapManager host with an error


The error message is:
0001-034 Command error: mount failed: mount: filer1:/vol/
SnapManager_20090914112850837_vol14 on /opt/NTAPsmo/mnt/-
ora_data02-20090914112850735_1 - WARNING unknown option "zone=vol14" nfs
mount: filer1:/vol/SnapManager_20090914112850837_vol14: Permission denied.


At the same time, the following message is generated at the storage system console:


Mon Sep 14 23:58:37 PDT [filer1:
warning]: /etc/exports was not updated for vol14 when the vol clone create
command was run. Please either manually update /etc/exports or copy /etc/ to it.


This message might not be captured in the AutoSupport messages.
Note: You might encounter similar issue while cloning FlexVol volumes on NFS. You can follow
the same steps to enable the option.


What to do


1. Set the option on so that the /etc/exports file is updated
Troubleshooting SnapManager for Oracle | 431
options on
Note: In an configuration, ensure you set the NFS exports option on for both the storage systems.



The issue is that I can't have new volumes automatically exported to all hosts. Does anyone have a work around that would allow SMO to verify/restore Flexclone backups without turning on   


options on





Not an answer to your specific question, but with regards to the default export for a new volume - it takes it from the export from vol0 (root volume). So if you restrict vol0, it would restrict new volumes until you had a chance to either remove the export or adjust it accordingly.

For the FlexClone process, if auto update is enabled, I believe it should set the export to the same as the parent volume.


to clarify this,


1. this option not only affects the behaviour of newly created volumes, but it also affects the operations such as volume rename,destroy etc. If this option is set, it will update /etc/exports file during any of these operations.

2. Newly created volumes not necessarily inherit their export options from the root vol. Especially if the root's options were manually modified after its creation. in fact, if an admin host was specified during the initial setup, volume created will have export options set like rw=adminhost,root=adminhost, etc.

3. Admin host entry can be found in /etc/hosts.equiv file. If no admin host is configured, the default is to export the volume to all hosts with an entry like "rw" without any host or network specification.

4. Most importantly, While creating a clone, the clone will inherit its parent volume's export options. This can be changed later.


So, it should be perfectly okay to enable this option as it won't adversly affect the newly created clone's export options.

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Thanks for the update.


What you describe is not what I am experiencing.



I have 

sancontrol-01 etc]# grep vol0 exports


/vol/vol0 -sec=sys,,anon=0,nosuid


sancontrol-01 etc]# cat hosts.equiv
#Auto-generated by setup Sat Dec 19 00:30:03 GMT 2009



When any volume was created including clones we would see a corresponding export 



/vol/vol_23042015_085125 -sec=sys,rw,nosuid


and a clone of the same volume.


/vol/vol_23042015_085125_clone_23042015_085227 -sec=sys,rw,nosuid



Note that /vol0 isn't on the same aggregate as the new volume



sangw1> vol status vol_23042015_085125
Volume State Status Options
vol_23042015_085125 online raid0, flex create_ucode=on, convert_ucode=on,
64-bit guarantee=none, fractional_reserve=0
Volume has clones: vol_23042015_085125_clone_23042015_085227
Volume UUID: 9ef2ca3d-e9d0-11e4-bf57-123478563412
Containing aggregate: 'aggr3_sata'


sangw1> vol status vol_23042015_085125_clone_23042015_085227
Volume State Status Options
vol_23042015_085125_clone_23042015_085227 online raid0, flex create_ucode=on, convert_ucode=on,
64-bit guarantee=none, fractional_reserve=0
Clone, backed by volume 'vol_23042015_085125', snapshot 'clone_vol_23042015_085.1'
Volume UUID: c1a68f55-e9d0-11e4-bf57-123478563412
Containing aggregate: 'aggr3_sata'




After talking with support, there is only the option to turn "options on"


Thanks to all that replied