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NDMP Question


I have a question about NDMP and Netbackup. We have a library attached to a FC switch and configured one of the FC ports on the filer to see the tapes. The goal is to backup data via NDMP using FC. I think this is called NDMP local backup. The problem is that Netbackup says that with this type of backup the drives have to be dedicated for NDMP backups only. The other two options NDMP-three way and remote NDMP says that the data will travel over the LAN. In the end my question is if I want the data backed up without using the lan is local NDMP my only option? I'm hopping that this is not the case becuase I don't want to dedicate drives just for NDMP.




What kind of tape library are we talking about? Some (like Overland NEO) allow partitioning, so you can dedicate one partition for NDMP & the other partition(s) for non-NDMP backups.

Remote NDMP not necessarily will be very bad - you can segment your LAN nicely, as the backup data in fact travels only from the filer to the NetBackup media server (nothing goes via backup clients / application servers).



This sounds like you need the Netbackup Shared Storage Option.

This option will allow you to share tape drives b/t media servers and NDMP hosts.  It is pretty easy to set up.  I have been using it for a while now and have not had any issues.


Thanks for all the answers. We are using the SSO option which allows us to do local backups to the tapes zoned on the filer. Getting some great performance considering the drives are LTO-2.