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NetApp SAN storage create ucode option?


I read some doc in now site saying that we have to enable create ucode option for the volume containing LUN.

My question here is create ucode option enable or disable , this will make any difference ? If yes what is the difference.?

I have seen at one customer place they are using SAN with volume containing LUN , but create ucode option is disabled . Here they are using FCP LUNs.

But there is no issues here create ucode option disbaled , everything is working fine so far.



i ' m also concern about this matter. any help would be appreciated

changing this option to on would have some kind of impact to the data  ??

does it require downtime?

anyone ??



This option is meaningless for SAN and has no impact on the SAN data in a volume:


create_ucode on | off

Setting this option to on forces UNICODE format directories to be created by default,

both from NFS and CIFS.  By default, it is set to off, in which case, all directories are

created in pre-4.0 format, and this first CIFS access will convert it to UNICODE format.


thanks for the answer!

but we have the following warning...

===== SYSCONFIG-C =====

sysconfig: Unless directed by IBM Service and Support volumes ...... should have the volume option create_ucode set to On.

and also in some document i read that we have to enable create ucode option for the volume containing LUN


Well, then ...

Why documentation requires it to be on for volumes, containing LUNs? Why SnapDrive explicitly enables it on volumes when creating LUN?


Turns out the next generation of the documentation is addressing this.  As for why?  That goes back in history to before my time.  But, note that this option has only a binary state.  The option always exists, and must be set to either enabled or disabled.  So SnapDrive has to make a choice; and it picked enabled.  SnapDrive assumes that if, in the future, NFS/CIFS directories are ever put onto this volume, the new format should be used rather than the old.