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NetApp solutions for Lotus Notes Domino Server.


i heard from our NetApp vendor and from Netapp Phlippines that SnapManager for Lotus Notes where already EOL. Our company is using Lotus Notes Email, and would like to have a solution from NetApp for our Lotus Notes Domino server. Our setup is two Lotus Notes Domino Server 6.5.5 (application cluster) running in Windows 2003 Enteprise server in iSCSI impementation resides in NetApp 3070c.




SnapManager for Domino (SMD) is available via an internal process. We are currently working on streamlining the purchasing process to make is easier to order this application.

There are some requirements for using SMD. Currently SMD is a windows only application and it requires SnapDrive 4.x and transactional logging must be enabled in the archive style.

For additional information about SnapManager for Domino take a look at TR-3692 - SnapManager for Domino: Installation and Use (

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.



John Spinks

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Hi John,

Good Day.

Thank you soo much for looking and answering my question regarding Netapp solutions for Lotus Notes Domino Server . Just one more querry, do you have a case study/customer success story where-in a Netapp customer who uses Lotus Notes Domino clustered environment and implemented a SnapManager for Domino (SMD) ? With that, I could see how they implement SMD in their infra, how they leverage and what benifits they got from it.

So for our case, how could we actually implement/configure with two domino clustered server ? Do we need to have SMD on both server? Right now, we already installed & configured Snapdrive 5.0 on both server. By the way we use iSCSI LUN.

Thanks also for the Information about SnapManager for Domino take a look at TR-3692 - SnapManager for Domino.