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NetApps Training Costs


How can I find NetApp cost for having our technicians trained on NetApp equipment? Thanks!

John McNeill



Assuming you are in the USA, check out the following:


these guys do great training as well.

NetApp Storage Basic & Intermediate Training
NETAPP-NCDA BCNetApp Certified Data Management Administrator (NCDA) Boot Camp6 days$ 6900.0092 TU's
NETAPP-ONTAPData ONTAP 7-Mode Administration5 days$ 4500.0060 TU's
NETAPP-ONTAP-ANCDAAccelerated NCDA Boot Camp Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode5 days$ 6000.0080 TU's
NETAPP-ONTAP-CIFSData ONTAP CIFS Administration2 days$ 1800.0024 TU's
NETAPP-ONTAP-CL8Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode Administration3 days$ 2700.0036 TU's
NETAPP-ONTAP-NFSData ONTAP NFS Administration1 day$ 900.0012 TU's
NETAPP-ONTAP-SANData ONTAP SAN Administration 7.33 days$ 2700.0036 TU's
NETAPP-ONTAP-SAN6NetApp SANscreen 6.0 Fundamentals3 days$ 2700.0036 TU's
NETAPP-PAFPerformance Analysis on Data ONTAP 7.33 days$ 2700.0036 TU's
NetApp Storage Advanced Training
NETAPP-NPSANetApp Protection Software Administration2 days$ 1800.0024 TU's
NETAPP-OPS 4.0Operations Manager, Protection Manager, and Provisioning Manager 4.0 Administration5 days$ 4500.0060 TU's
NETAPP-SIWSAN Implementation Workshop3 days$ 2700.0036 TU's
NETAPP-VMW-NEWDesign and Implement VMware Solutions on NetApp Storage4 days$ 3600.0048 TU's
Microsoft on NetApp Storage Systems
NETAPP-EXCHMicrosoft Exchange on NetApp Storage Systems4 days$ 3600.0048 TU's
NETAPP -SQLMicrosoft SQL Server on NetApp Storage Systems5 days$ 4500.0060 TU's


Thank you so much!!! This is exactly what I needed. I have to create a proposal to have our techs trained.


John McNeill


NetApp also sells traning units (TUs).  In the past, we have included TUs in our negotiations for new equipment purchases.  Buying TUs this way may increase the value-to-cost ratio of your equipment orders and may make continuing training more accessible to your team.  If you do purchase TUs, be sure to keep track of the TUs expiration dates.