Data Backup and Recovery

NetBackup NDMP Backup Schedules and Types


Ideally should each NetBackup policy have three schedules?


  1. Full Backup (NDMP level 0)
  2. Cumulative Incremental Backup (NDMP level 1)
  3. Differential Incremental Backup (NDMP last level +1 < 9)



For example I have an NDMP backup policy with a single volume.  I run #1 the first week, #2 the second week, and #3 the third through nineth week.  Does this make sense?



We have cDOT 9.1, NetBackup 7.7.3 (configured for CAB).  I am using this Veritas article too:






it's make-sense. but it's up to you. and you should consider restore as well. as your way, to restore to current data, you need to restore from a full and other incrementals one by one. or u can do a full with level 1 everyday, in this case, just one full restore and one level 1 restore to the current data. but as what i said, it's up to you/your restore expectation.