Data Backup and Recovery

New Technical Report Released: TR-4624 AltaVault with ONTAP Using SnapMirror


NetApp AltaVault storage enables customers to securely back up data to cloud at up to 90% less cost compared to that of on-premises solutions. AltaVault gives customers the power to tap into cloud economics while preserving investments in existing backup infrastructure and meeting backup and recovery SLAs. AltaVault appliances act as a NAS target within a backup infrastructure. Having this capability enables organizations to eliminate their reliance on tape infrastructure and all its associated capital and operational costs while improving backup windows and disaster recovery capabilities.


It is simple to set up the AltaVault appliance. You can start moving data to the cloud in as little as 30 minutes; setting up tape or other disk replication infrastructures can take days. By leveraging industry- leading deduplication, compression, and WAN optimization technologies, AltaVault appliances shrink dataset sizes by 10 to 30 times. They also substantially reduce cloud storage costs, accelerate data transfers, and store more data within the local cache, speeding recovery.

Security is provided by encrypting data on site, in flight, as well as in the cloud using 256-bit AES encryption and SSL v3/TLS v1. AltaVault appliances provide a dual layer of encryption that prevents any data moved into the cloud from being compromised, and it creates a complete end-to-end security solution for cloud storage.

Because an AltaVault appliance is an asymmetric, stateless appliance, no hardware is needed in the cloud. You can also recover the last known good state of a broken or destroyed AltaVault appliance to a new AltaVault appliance. AltaVault appliances provide flexibility to scale cloud object storage as business requirements change. Organizations avoid all the capital expenditure planning required with tape and disk replication–based solutions, saving up to 90%.


Figure 1) AltaVault ecosystem.


Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 15.13.14.jpg

Note: Glacier is not supported for SnapMirror.


AltaVault SnapMirror stores SnapshotTM copies in the cloud for backup purposes. For disaster recovery of critical systems, the best level of protection is provided by using SnapMirror to replicate data to a secondary cluster. For long-term storage of Snapshot copies, the replication can also be performed to AltaVault, providing a complete solution for fast recovery of critical data in a disaster recovery as well as long-term off-site backups in cloud storage.


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