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Obtaining a Non-Expiring Token for SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere API


Dear NetApp Community,

I am currently working with the SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere API and have a question regarding token-based authentication. I would like to inquire whether it is possible to obtain a token that does not have an expiration time.

As per the API documentation, the POST /4.1/auth/login endpoint requires the username and password parameters in the request payload to obtain a new token. However, I am interested in exploring the possibility of obtaining a non-expiring token or extending the expiration time of the token.

My goal is to have a long-lived token for authentication purposes, as using a username and password directly in API requests is not ideal from a security standpoint.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone from the NetApp community or the development team could provide insights or guidance on this matter. If there are any alternative authentication methods or endpoints available that support non-expiring tokens or extending token expiration, I would be eager to learn about them.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to any information or suggestions you may have.

Best regards, Dave



The docs say VMware provides token management.


> The REST APIs for VMware vSphere use the VMware authentication API to obtain the token. VMware provides the token management.


I'd check the vSphere docs.