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OnCommand Plugin 3.0 & SCOM 2012



I am trying to get my FAS3040 (8.0.2P6) monitored in SCOM 2012 RTM, using OnCommand Plugin 3.0.

The plugin failed to install when importing the Management Packs, so I imported them manually through SCOM, then reran the install sucessfully.

Following this article:, I have successfully picked up the filer using the Discover Network Devices wizard. However, when I try and run the DataOntap: Add Controller part, it fails, saying:

"Network device <IP-Address> is not a supported ONTAP controller."

I have seen a post elsewhere, where a response was that a future version on OnCommand will be compatible with SCOM 2012, but  this PDF ( mentions compatibility with System Center 2012...but it doesn't specify OnCommand v3.0.

I have read the OnCommand PDFs, and they all specify VMM 2008/SCOM 2007 R2....has anyone managed to get this working on System Center 2012 RTM? Is it worth trying to get to work, or just hold out?

If I have to wait, are there alternatives to use in the interim?



See for confirmation ( that OCPM 3.0 does not work with SCOM 2012 - advised to wait for OCPM 3.1