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Quantum Tape Library not discovered by filer


I have a client who has a Quantum Tape Library, with a BackUp Exec (Symantec) backup management application, and a filer for NAS storage.

Neither BackUp Exec or the filer sees the changer... but do see the tape drives.

houfs01> sysconfig -m

No medium changers present onsystem.

houfs01> storage show mc

No medium changer devices found.

And yet…

houfs01> sysconfig -t

    Tape drive(0c.63)  HP      Ultrium 4-SCSI

    rst2l -  rewind device,        format is:LTO-2(ro)/3 2/400GB

    nrst2l-  no rewind device,     format is: LTO-2(ro)/32/400GB

    urst2l-  unload/reload device, format is: LTO-2(ro)/3 2/400GB

    rst2m -  rewind device,        format is:LTO-2(ro)/3 4/800GB cmp

    nrst2m-  no rewind device,     format is: LTO-2(ro)/34/800GB cmp

    urst2m-  unload/reload device, format is: LTO-2(ro)/3 4/800GB cmp

    rst2h -  rewind device,        format is:LTO-4 800GB

    nrst2h-  no rewind device,     format is: LTO-4 800GB

    urst2h-  unload/reload device, format is: LTO-4 800GB

    rst2a -  rewind device,        format is:LTO-4 1600GB cmp

    nrst2a-  no rewind device,     format is: LTO-4 1600GB cmp

    urst2a-  unload/reload device, format is: LTO-4 1600GB cmp

I can perform a manual dump to tape from the filer, but BackUp Exec can't initiate a job.

Any thoughts on what else to check?



From the `sysconfig` man page:


Displays tape library information. To use this option, the autoload setting of the tape library must be off when the filer boots.

I'm guessing you've setup NDMP authentication between the master/media server(s) and the filer? If so then you need to scan for storage devices and be sure to select the tick box for NDMP devices and select to scan the filer(s) when prompted. The tape devices attached to the filers should then show up in Devices => Drives and you can create Storage Units for them. As long as the changer has been discovered by the media server and is working correctly, and you set up your Storage Units with the correct settings, then the media server should manage tape selection/loading and the filer should drop data straight down the fibre to the drive as an NDMP backup.

This was how I had it working with NetBackup, there may be differences with BackupExec.


Thanks for the pointer... and the winner is... you!

It turns out loop negotiation on the Quantum was responsible (was set to auto) and apparently the control path disappeared so we set that to "loop" and I was able to do the sysconfig –m with results from the filer.

Thanks again...