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Hello Community Member's looking for some help please guide.


I have source and destination(DR) cluster at a site and have created at SVM-DR relation. 


Now, on source side we don't want to take the snapshot's on volume and Just want's to replicate the data from source to destination(DR) 6-hourly and keep 10 copies of that at destination.


So while creating the replication relation which policy should we chose is it the MirrorAndVault ?


i created the replication relation with the MirrorandVault policy but at the destination side volume only 2 snapshot shows even after few days.


not able to understand why that might be, if anyone knows then please provide some guidance.


Policy is as follows:

Vserver Policy Policy Number Transfer

Name  Name Type Of Rules Tries Priority Comment
------- ------------------ ------ -------- ----- -------- ----------
dst01 Asynchronous mirror-vault 2 8 normal A unified Asynchronous SnapMirror and SnapVault policy for mirroring the latest active file system and daily and weekly Snapshot copies with an hourly transfer schedule.
SnapMirror Label: sm_created Keep: 1
6-hourly 10
Total Keep: 11









you need to configure source snapshot policy and assign it to volumes within source SVM to create snapshots with snapmirror label 6-hourly


Snapmirror mirror-vault type doesn't create any snapshots on the source apart of the sm-created snapshot at the moment of the snapmirror update. It looks for the snapshots with desired snapmirror-label


Please take a look here