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Removing SMSP 8 with Remote BLOBs




I was wondering if anyone might be able to assist.  We were using Snap Manager for SharePoint v8 to handle all backups and restores of our SharePoint 2013 environment.  We recently have been making the migration to Veeam for all of our backup/restore needs.  The migration has been fairly simple thus far; however I am now trying to figure out how to handle our SharePoint farm.


I am pretty confident that SMSP is currently using a cifs share to move larger files out of the content DB.  It has been quite some time since the SMSP installation and configuration took place but I do see a lot of data in the configured storage policy which uses the cifs share.  When I try and go to the BLOB settings, it appears that the license we had used when initially configured was a trial which has since expired.


As I can't look at the BLOB settings due to the license issue...I am not really sure how things were configured anymore.  I am able to see a lot of data on the cifs share, and within the data_platform directory, their are recent time stamps with the contents being in the GB range.  The data_extender folder has contents in it as well, but the time stamps are a couple of years old, as are the logs.


If BLOB data is stored outside of the DB in this configured Logical Device, does anyone know the best way of re-importing the data to the DB so that SMSP can be removed?





Refer page 106 Enabling the BLOB Provider in the link

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