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SD 6.1 and Win2k8 Cluster Dependencies


Setting up an Exchange environment for a customer POC. Configuration is active/active/passive clustering. There will be two root mount point LUNs for each active cluster. All other LUNs will be mounted in these two LUNs.

The Question:

When setting up the mount points is SnapDrive setting up the dependency between the moutned volume and the root LUN or is MSCS doing it?

I ask this because one of the nodes the dependencies were setup properly and the other there was no dependency set at all. To complicate the setup all disks were brought into one node into a new resource group then they were moved to their proper loction. I just need to know which applicaiton is responsible for setting up the dependency.

Thanks in advance!




As far as I know, SnapDrive does not add any dependency for cluster resources. I tested it just now and I observed the same behavior.

It is the responsibility of the clustered application such as SQL Server or Exchange to create the appropriate dependencies. If a disk resource is added to a cluster group later on then the cluster admin needs to create the dependencies.