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SDCLI - Mount Snapshot --> System reserved



Today I try something with SDCLI (Snapvault CLI). I would like to create a snapshot of server A and mount them to server B.

If I try this with drive C: localy (mount a Snapshot of Drive C: to Drive K: for example) it works fine.

If i try to mount the Snapshot to server B it works not fine, the drive K: is named "system reserved", has a size of 100MB and no files in it...

Whats the problem?





Hi simon,

Well, something definitely goes haywire here.

Are you sure your snapshot gets mounted at all? The description you are giving is strikingly similar to Windows boot loader partition:

Have you got SnapDrive installed & service running on the target server? Is it the same version as on the source host?

Assuming you have SDW 6.3 - from Admin Guide ( 😞

sdcli snap mount [-m MachineName] [-r LiveMachineName] -k LiveMountPoint -s SnapshotName -d MountPoint

LiveMachineName refers to the name of the host connected to the LUN in the active file system. When left unspecified, -r defaults to the local host.

Note: When using this option to mount a Snapshot copy on a remote host, both the local and remote hosts must be running the same version of SnapDrive.

LiveMountPoint refers to the drive letter, mount point, volume name, or CSV reparse point assigned to the LUN in the active file system.




Hi Radek

Thanks for your answer. I checked the version of SnapDrive and on both system its 6.3, the service is also running...

If i create today a snapshot of drive c: and mount it on the same server as an other drive, so it mounts also only the Reserved Partition.

If I have a look on the Windows Disk Manager I'll see the complete LUN (Reserved Partition and "normal" Partition)... but it mounts only Reserved Partition?!

What is going wrong? (its possible for me to give manualy a drive letter to the normal partition, it will work so... buts no solution for me)

btw: 1. mount the snapshot on local system: works right, 2. if i try to mount the snapshot on the other system i get the reserved partition, 3. back on the local system, i get the reserved partition too!




Just to be sure, was this LUN created by Snapdrive?  Have you tried other LUNS to see if it works differently? 

If you're still having problems, its best to get NGS involved to help track the problem.


Is this server 2008?  could be a simple case of changing the disk policy to online all, the default will set a disk to reserved if it thinks another systems owns it which can often be the case,

steps would be run cmd -> diskpart -> san policy=OnlineAll


I found a burt that may be related to the problem you've noted here.

Do you have a case open with NGS?  May want to get them to log this in case it turns out to be a burt.