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SDU - Splitting FlexClone


Once a flexclone has been created and has been working for some time, is there a way to split the flexclone into its own flexvol using SDU?  Or can it only be done on the filer side?

--Mike O



Just had a read of the SDU v3 command options and there is nothing for LCS.

So I believe you will have to do it from the filer.

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SDU does not support splitting of flex-clones after the cloning process

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No helpful answer I'm afraid....but the closest thing I know of is SMSQL's ability to make clones....


With SDU 4.1.1, I see below text in the admin guide...

Splitting the FlexClone volume
You can split the existing FlexClone volume using the SnapDrive for UNIX commands.
To split the FlexClone volume you need to additionally specify the -split CLI option with the snap
connect command. To disconnect, you should provide the -split option with the disconnect
command to disconnect the split FlexClone volume. The blocking and non-blocking modes of initiating
a -split operation are valid here.

This is mainly to, enable to split the cloned volumes or LUNs during Snapshot connect and Snapshot disconnect operations.


Yes, I have read through that portion of the admin guide.  And it leads you to believe that it can be done.  However, that's not the case.  Or at least, I haven't been able to get it to work.

When you run the "snapdrive snap connect" comnand with the -split option, it creates a new flexclone, attaches/mounts it onto the server, and splits it in the background.  However, I don't want it to create a new flexclone.  I already have a clone mounted on the server, which was created by an earlier "snapdrive snap connect" command.  I just want to split the flexclone.  It appears that if you want to split a flexclone later on, then you have to do it from the filer directly.

--Mike O

That is correct. SDU supports splitting clones that are created as part of the same operation. For existing clones SDU does not support split operation, user will have to do it from the filer.

Thanks for the confirmation guys..