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SDW and Windows 2012 slow enumerating LUNs



     I am trying to configure our first Windows 2012 server with SDW 6.5, using MS MPIO.

We installed .Net 3.5 side by side with 4.5

Installed the 6.0.1 Host Utilities

Installed SDW with no issues

Once I attempt to create a LUN, I hit a two minute timeout attempting to partition the drive.

- Error code : A timeout of 120 secs elapsed while waiting for volume arrival notification from the operating system. -

This looks like something on the host side to me is failing.

Since the LUN is created and mapped to the igroup, I tried to then go back in and manually connect the LUN, but that will take 15+ minutes, if it ever returns.

I am seeing the following messages over and over on the controller:

frame_a> Mon Dec  2 15:47:49 EST [frame_a:iscsi.warning:warning]: ISCSI: New session request from initiator, a session from this initiator already exists.

Mon Dec  2 15:51:33 EST [frame_a:iscsi.notice:notice]: ISCSI: Initiator ( sent LUN Reset request, aborting all SCSI commands on lun 0

Is there something obvious that I am overlooking?  Or does anyone have insight into what I need to look at or point the sys admins to look at on the servers?

I tried using SDW 7.0.1 initially, however there was an issue where the services would not start with the same account settings as 6.5 so we fell back to 6.5 to continuing pushing the test forward.

Thanks in advance,


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This has been identified and corrected.  Upon running a pktt on the iscsi interface, all packets over 1464 bytes in length were fragemented.  We had the network team go back and check and not all switchports were set to accept jumbo frames.  Upon having the switch configs change to accept jumbo frames and setting the MTU to the proper size all of the issues have resolved themselves.

- Scott