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SME 6.0 - SnapInfo - Logs not purging


Hi all,

First of all, i'd like to apologize for every English mistakes i'll make !

That is our situation :

We have a 2 nodes CCR Exchange 2007 cluster (under Windows 2008 Server) (the nodes are named "exmbx1a" and "exmbx1b"). We have 15 Storage Groups.

To backup all that stuff, we use SnapManager for Exchange 6.0.

The SnapInfo directory is located on the logs LUNs as "recommended" in the SME Admin Guide.

We choosed to backup all the storage groups without retaining up-to-the-minute restore ability, which means, as I understand, that all the log files backed up in the SnapInfo directory are deleted after the next "full bakcup"...

Our problem is that all the log files of all backups (including the frequent recevery point backup) are still present in the SnapInfo directories, which means that we have huge space issues on our LUNs.

This is our "daily" backup job command line :

smejoblauncher.exe new-backup -Server 'EXMBX1-MBX' -ClusterAware  -ManagementGroup 'Daily' -NoTruncateLogs $True -NoUTMRestore  -RetainDays '14' -StorageGroup 'SG00PFD','SG01MBD','SG02MBD','SG03MBD','SG04MBD','SG05MBD','SG06MBD','SG07MBD','SG08MBD','SG09MBD','SG10MBD','SG11MBD','SG12MBD','SG13MBD','SG14MBD' -Verify  -VerificationServer 'exmbx1b' -UpdateMirror  -UseMountPoint  -MountPointDir 'C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for Exchange\SnapMgrMountPoint'

And our Frequent Recovery Point job command line :

new-backup -Server 'EXMBX1-MBX' -ClusterAware  -NoTruncateLogs $False -StorageGroup 'SG00PFD\','SG01MBD\','SG02MBD\','SG03MBD\','SG04MBD\','SG05MBD\','SG06MBD\','SG07MBD\','SG08MBD\','SG09MBD\','SG10MBD\','SG11MBD\','SG12MBD\','SG13MBD\','SG14MBD\' -RecoveryPoint  -UpdateMirror

You will find in the attached file our last SME full backup logfile.

I thank you in advance a hundred times for any help you could bring me !!!




I'm having the same problem in that old sme_snapinfo folders are being retained, longer than "-RetainDays" specifies and using up space on the LUN.

Is there any problem with manually deleting older sme_snapinfo directories? I've read in another post that it can cause VSS errors and backup failures.

I've run the 'Delete Backups' option in SME but it cannot find snapinfo or backups older than 5 days, despite there being directories from over 10 days ago visible in Windows Explorer.