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SME 7.1 verification errors Exchange 2010 SP3





We have upgraded our 7 mode netapp to clustered ontap. We have an exchange 2010 enviroment wich was backuped by SME for ages.

Now we have a new backup set with new volumes waiting to be backuped up. the old volumes ( PF, MDB01 and MDB02) are stil mounted. THe DB's are unmounted.

The problem is we have is the backup is not being verified. I have checked the backups and they work fine. However it generates a lot of errors.

SME is upgraded to Powershel 4.0 and Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 11






error code 0xc0040457, error description 'Transport Protocol is not set  to connect the storage system' 

This means that the transport protocol setting is not set for the filer's host name because when this error is encountered, it is set by its IP address and not its hostname.

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If you still have the problem, please provide more details.

Snapdrive version

RPC settings in snapdrive

Is DB Consistency check enabled after backup ?


Please try to provide the error logs from the reports folder.