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SME and Exchange 2010 DAG Configuration Wizard


We have a 2 node Exchange 2010 SP1 DAG that I have recently installed and configured. All the database and log drives are mount points configured through SnapDrive. All the nodes have SnapDrive and SME installed at the same version. I am trying to do the initial configuration wizard but when I do on the host name I get to the Configure Snap Info Directory and it is blank and will not let me proceed. I was able to go through the configuration wizard using the DAG name without issues.

When I try to run the backup wizard on the choose databases the option is greyed out and my data bases show invalid. I tried calling support and they do not have a lot of experience working the initial install and are trying to get answers for me but I need to get this set up as soon as possible.

Anybody have a high overview of the sets that I should be following? The admin guide was not a lot of help.

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The SME must be configured using the DAG name. Please proceed with the configuration with the DAG_Name.

Please chekc your internet explorer settings. in the explorer go to "tools --> Internet Options". In the "Advanced" tab go to "Security" and uncheck the options "Check for publisher's certificate recovation*" and "Check for server certificate recovation*".

Hope this helps.