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SME backup question


Hi Guys,

since yesterday I got my Exchange 2007 Databases running on the LUNs connected to my FAS2020.

Im so glad it all worked out fine.

Now im setting up the Backup via Wizard and for me there are alot of different options that seem new to me. 

For my understanding there are 2 kind of backups: one where the logs stay available and one where they are cut off.

SME seems to have many more detailed options.... so i need your help.

The NetApp is not my final-destination for archiving backups (snaps) and I want to move them to a less exspensiv storage every xx days but im not so far yet.

What im looking for at the moment is a simple daily backup that keeps snaps up to 30 days and then overwrites them.

Since I moved the Databases yesterday I think its quite good to have a Backup running tonight

I dont want to wreak anything so please provide me some safe settings/advice.

this is what i would have choosen:

Backup Server: Mailserver 

Primary Backup Type: Full Backup

The backup set older than 31 days will be deleted.

Retain up-to-the-minute restore ability for 20 days.

The snapshot will be verified after backup.

The verification will be run on computer Mailserver.

The backed up transaction logs will be verified after backup.

Verification throttling is not enabled or supported.

Most recent backup will have unique name with time stamp.

Backup transaction logs which will be truncated by Exchange: No

Backup/Verification Management Group: Daily

No SnapMirror update after operation.

Run Command After Operation: No

What do you think about this settings are they okay ?

Hope for fast response.

Kind Regards,


PS: befor I forget, please dont make things too complicated, I dont what to get confused by sentences like: you could also do this or that and so on. keep it short and easy. when this works you can make me confused with different strategies and so on



this is what i get with the above settings:

[22:11:12.916]  Error in calling VSS API: Error code = 0x8004230f



I have the same problem from time to time on one of my servers.  Stopping the Volume Shadow Copy service, then restarting the SnapDrive, SnapDrive Management, and SnapManager services resolves the issue for me.  I guess technically it's a band-aid, but unable to find a better solution, I have a scheduled task every night at midnight to stop VSS and restart NetApp services.  Hopefully you were able to get your issue resolved before now.


Hi Guys...

Have you found any solution? actually my problem is that even when I restart the services the backup doesn't work...

Thanks in advanced


Check to see if the Vol(s) has option nosnap, nosnapdir or both set to ON If they are.. set them to off

I you have the powershell OnTap modules installed, the following rather crude script will set nosnap and nosnapdir to off:

Import-Module DataONTAP

$Filer1 = Connect-NaController 'your filer here'

Get-NaVol -Controller $Filer1 | %{ $_ | Set-NaVolOption  -Controller $Filer1 -Key "nosnapdir" -Value "off"; $_ | Set-NaVolOption  -Controller $Filer1 -Key "nosnap" -Value "off"  }

For me at least it resolved the issue. Something I'd not realized is that the VSS error is something of misleading error. VSS is throwing an error because its using the OnTap VSS Provider which is talking to the netapp. The error originated there on the netapp, not on the server. The OnTap VSS provider needs to do a better job of passing descriptive errors back.