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SME to offsite tape...ndmp?


I'm looking at some scenarios for doing tape backups of a fairly lite Exchange 2007 environment that's running SME 6.0 and BackupExec 2010...

What's the best route to go for this?  I was thinking of doing an ndmp copy to tape...but what would be required for daily backups?  Full backups of the db, log, and snapinfo luns?

With SME sharing the same lun for log files and snapinfo, I now run into an issue where BackupExec isn't happy with me 'selecting more than one' snapshot (two _recent folders) during the backup job....I'm guessing it's some sort of 'protection' they have from people shooting themselves in the foot by backing up every snapshot folder during the job.  Their reccomendation is to create another job to backup the snapinfo_recent snap....but I'm sort of looking at this wondering 1) Is this even the right way to approach it, 2) Do I just split the log/snapinfo luns up and keep it to one simple BackupExec job for exchange 3) Am I essentially running full backups every single day now, with a verification process by SME, followed by another backup and verification process by BackupExec on the snapshot...all of which is a real drag on performance..

Any ideas are appreciated..




Im not sure if backupExec can support scripting, but you could change snapshot names to be "unique" in SME, and then use a post-backup script to kick off the tape backup.. SME can pass variables like volume and snapshot name out to the scripts so they could then be backed up via NDMP.

We only use NDMP via FC-attached tape for point-in-time recoveries. just taking the "exchsnap" snapshots for the DB and log volume will give you consistant databases at that time which can be mounted up manually. for short-term operational recovery (a week) we keep everything in snapshots.


i stugle with the same problem

exchange 2010 with SME

if i cant chose the ./snapshots folder . how to i backup snapshot to tape ?  (a daily job to backup the last snapshot)