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SME with Protection Manager


Hi all,

While configuring SME  with protection manager  , I am facing below issue.

During configuring backup wizard on SME , it skips the “Archive backup” options  and therefore cannot integrate with Protection manager.  

Do let me know if you are aware , what’s that I am missing.

Note : I am following up KB 1011361 for configuration.

-Vivek Sharma



I think you need to establish the SnapMirror or SnapVault, before you can select the "Archive" option in SME.


Hi ,

Backend filer are set for snapvault and snapmirror but not for the same volume where exchange lun’s are residing . can you tell me where do you want to set same in SME .




Lets assume you have 3 exchange volumes/qtrees =




Then you need to initialize these with:

filer> snapmirror initialize -S source:/........ destination:/........

(in case of nsapvault: snapvault start -S source:/........ destination:/........)

for all 3 volumes/qtrees.

Then go back to SME and it should let you setup the Archive part.



Hi ,

Okay , so if I am not wrong once data sets are created in protection manager and assigned resource pool . The initialization will take place and will create snapvault relationship. Then Archive options will be visible , to update snapvault desitnation as in SME fires its own snapshots.


Yes, this is correct. But you have the option to have everthing done in Protection Manager or in SME... I'd go for option SME



Okay thanks , taken your suggestion.


If the config wizard skips that step, snapdrive is either not configured to communicate with DFM or it cannot authenticate with DFM.

Does "sdcli dfm_config list" run on the SME server show the DFM credentials, ip address, and protocol?

If it does then run through the SME Config wizard again and when the archive step is skipped immediately open the audit.log on the DFM server and look for the SME server ip address and sdcli account to find the cause of the failure. if you don't find an entry for the SME server it is not reaching the DFM server.


Yes , its configured . it seems I have found the issue from last posts of peter and will work on & will update this post.


SME will create the dataset and populate the primary node with the qtrees in that step in the config wizard as well as assign a backup style policy (mirror is not supported on the SME application dataset).

The volume mirrors must already be present and are driven by snapdrive, not DFM.


Yeah that’s right , so basically I am looking for snapvault solution and think can be done from Protection manager and making it centralized and from SME as well.


Hi Vivek,

     This post may help you.

Monitoring SME/SMSQL Backups with Protection Manager




Nice blog entry, thats it if one wants to use PM for monitoring only. +1


Hi Adai,

So this talk about just monitoring .

* Firstly we have set the Local Backup Schedule to be (none); Telling Protection Manager not to schedule any snapshots (SnapManager for SQL will do that for us)

è So this will remain same in my scenario as well.

* We have set the retention period to 0 for all backups (again the retention of the snapshots/backups is being managed by SnapManager for SQL)

è This would be based on secondary filer retention policy and I will configure as per need however I have q here where retention policy configuration in SME on “Archive backup” option and its relevance since its been driven by PM and confuse, which should be considered.

* We have set the Lag Warning to alert us if we haven't had a successful backup in 6 hours and then to generate an Error if 12 hours passes and there still is no successful backup

è retain same