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SME6 and Win2k3 MSCS - cluster groups affect SME ?


Hi all

I have been doing an installation of SME at a customer today.  He has a Win2k3 x86 cluster (2 machines) with Exchange 2003 running.  Storage is split up into 3 datastores of 240Gb, 200Gb and 100Gb.  Looking at the MSCS setup, everything is in the Exchange cluster group.  I would usually expect to see MSDTC and the Quorum in the default "Cluster Group".

I have installed the HUK, DSM for MPIO, Snapdrive (and all MS hotfixes, .Net3.5Sp1) and SME6 (plus Powershell 1.0).  All is ok at this point.  I ran the SME wizard and configured SME to see the database, logs and other bits in the correct LUNs.  I ran a first backup and the snapshots all ran but the verification failed.  It gave an error on trying to acess the Q:\ drive (Quorum) as it said it could not take control of this - which I would expect as its the Quorum.  Question is, why is it trying to snapshot the quorum ?  Is this because the resource is in the Exchange cluster group and not the default "Cluster Group", where it should be ignoring it ?

I will get the full backup log from the customer early tomorrow AM when I am back on site, but in the meantime has anyone got any ideas ?




I installed and configured SME at a second site for the same customer today, and had the same result.  Again, Win2k3 MSCS with Exchange 2003, latest HUK, DSM for MPIO, Snapdrive, Powershell, .Net3.5Sp1, SME6.  When I ran configuration wizard, it allowed me to set up the datastore and logs locations, and snapinfo.  This time, MSDTC and the Quorum were in a different Cluster Service group to the rest of Exchange.

Ran snapshot backup sucessfully but it failed verification on all 3 datastores, saying that the cluster resource could not be brought online and that it was a quorum (said this for all 3 datastores).  I colleted OntapWinDC output in case anyones interested in having a look.



We have been running the config you describe for about 12 months now on multiple clusters without problem.

We have two cluster groups:

Cluster Group

  • Cluster IP Address
  • Cluster Name
  • Disk Q

Exchange Server

  • Luns for Data files
  • Luns for TLs
  • Exchange service...
  • NetWork Name
  • IP Address
  • SMTP

Also we us a 3rd server for verifications and it all works without problem.

Hope it helps



It will be helpful if you post the section of SME report where the verification was failing.