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SMHV on 2012 core

We are in the process of migrating from VMware to Hyper-v. My question is on SMHV. The VM team has decided to run 2012 core and the storage protocol is SMB3. cDOT 8.3.2P1, SD 7.1.3P1, SMHV 2.1.1. I believe I have everything configured correctly. I am running SMHV from a 3rd server, administrative, that is running full 2012. In SMHV, on the administrative system, I am able to add the cluster, it sees the two cluster nodes and all the VM’s on the cluster. The issue arises when running the “Configuration Wizard” I get this error “StorageConnectionControl: An error occurred while processing SDGetStorageConnection request Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. I am able to set the SnapInfo directory which places the environment in a “configured” state, however when invoking the “SnapInfo Settings” a second time the correct SMB path is displayed but the SAN radio button is picked not the NAS. Does anyone have an idea what that error means, I could find not search hits on it? Do I have a valid configuration?




The issue is currently under investigation. For more information, see BUG number: 990471.
Can you try Downgrade SD 7.1.3P1 to SD 7.1.1 and check.



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I will try this on Monday and report Back


That was the fix downgrading to SD 7.1.1.  Sorry it took so long I was tied up with other issues.  For some reason I am unable to select "Accept as Solution" or Kudos.  I have tried 3 different borwsers and other coomputers and networks.  It must be something I am doing, what I do not know. 


I have the exact same setup, and the same error. Is there any ETA when this will be fixed? And when i search for the Bug ID i cant any result!