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SMMOSS 2.0.2 Error "Failed To Start Process"


Dear Sir,

When I use local account to start SMMOSS services, on SMMOSS Backup Builder screen I selected Sharepoint server then I can see all details but could not backup because It has unknown icons on the screen then I tried to change SMMOSS service account to Domain Admin and I got the error message as shown below. Please kindly help me verify. (I am doing SMMOSS demonstration for my customer)

SMMOSS,13432 [PR_m2007Member00588]Failed To Start Process: C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SharePoint Server\VaultClient\bin\SMMOSSFarmBrowser.exe "C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SharePoint Server\VaultClient\data\SP2007\Farm" 0 1 "C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SharePoint Server\VaultClient\temp\928755f3-4aca-4325-8c4b-ac4a3c54499f.xml" : CreateProcessAsUserW() failed: error=1314. at SMMOSS.Common.StartProcess.StartWithWin32(String sFile, String sArgs) at SMMOSS.Common.StartProcess.Start(String sFile, String sArgs) at SMMOSS.VCSPFarm.AveSPFarm2007Control.StartProcess(String exeName, String args, Impersonator mSecurity, String workingDir, Boolean waitExit) [agentSMMOSSFarmControl, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null File Version: Version:]

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It seems that you have two different issues here: -

1. Permissions issue: Check if the domain admin account has administrative privileges on the SharePoint Web Front-End servers. If not then you'll either have to grant that or choose a different domain account that has those permissions. Similarly for SMSQL, ensure that the service logon account has sysadmin privileges on the SQL Server instances.

2. Invalid location for the different SharePoint Server components. This is the reason that you see the "unknown" icons. Follow the instructions in the Installation and Administrative Guide for SMMOSS to determine the appropriate data layout. Then keep the "Verify Storage Layout" box checked before browsing the SharePoint farm in the backup builder.


Sourav Chakraborty

Technical Marketing Engineer

SMAI , NetApp


Dear Sourav,

Thank you very much, I will check the user priviledges and data layout as your suggestions.