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SMO 3.0 for Windows/Linux using RMAN


Hi Community

Okay firstly let me admit I know very little about SMO, Oracle and Linux. This is why I've followed the Install.pdf guide as much as possible.


My problem is when trying to create a profile, whether we run the following command or use the GUI we get the same error:

******Command**Obviously changed to suite our environment**

[root@dbserver]# smo profile create -profile prod_profile -profile-password prod_profile_pass -repository -dbname smodb -host smoserver -port 1524 -login -username smorepo -database -dbname prod -host dbserver -sid prod -port 1524 -login -username smoadmin -password smoadmin_pass -rman -login -username rman -password rman_pass -tnsname smodb -osaccount oracle -osgroup dba


From the GUI we select RMAN catalog mode

--[ INFO] SMO-13046: Operation GUID 8a80028a1e1b91b8011e1b91be44000a starting on Profile netdb_profile
--[ INFO] SMO-13505: SnapDrive environment verification passed.
--[ INFO] SMO-13507: JDBC verification for "smoadmin@oraclerac_pr1:1521/netdb1" passed.
--[ INFO] SMO-13506: SQLPlus verification for database SID "netdb1" passed. Environment: [ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/10gR2/db1]
--[ERROR] SMO-05075: Profile create failed: SMO-13504: Verify operation failed. Errors: [SMO-13510: RMAN verification using catalog "smodb" failed: ORACLE-00101: Error executing RMAN command: [LIST ARCHIVELOG LIKE 'SMO_RMAN_SANITY_CHECK';]. The command returned: RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03002: failure of list command at 12/09/2008 13:46:27
RMAN-06429: RCVCAT database is not compatible with this version of RMAN]

Versions of Oracle are both 10g although SMO server is 10gR1 and RAC is 10gR2.

SMO servers is Windows while RAC is on Oralce Enterprise Linux 4 update 7

SD for Win 6.0.1

SD for Unix 4.1

SMO 3.0

Protocol = iSCSI

Using ASM and RMAN


$ oerr rman 6429
6429, 1, "%s database is not compatible with this version of RMAN"
// *Cause:  The indicated database is not compatible with this version of
//          the Recovery Manager (RMAN).  Other messages have also
//          been issued which detail the cause of the error.
// *Action: See the other messages.  If the database is CATALOG, then you may
//          be able to use the CREATE CATALOG or UPGRADE CATALOG commands
//          to correct the problem.  If the database is TARGET or AUXILIARY,
//          then you must either upgrade the target database or use a
//          newer version of the RMAN executable.

SMO runs the "rman" binary from the Oracle installation on the target database server - in your case "oraclerac_pr1". The error message seems to be indicating that the version of the "rman" binary on "oraclerac_pr1" does not match the version of the database being used for your RMAN catalog.

If you're not that familiar with Oracle, then I would recommend just not using RMAN - it can be a real pain to set up and use, and (as you see) the error messages are not very helpful when something goes wrong. SMO will work fine without RMAN.


Hi Michail,

SMO uses the RMAN binaries from the ORACLE_HOME used by target database (the database you want to back up), but your RMAN catalog resides in a database that is a different version of Oracle (10gR1). From what I understand, you cannot do this. Meaning, if you want to use an RMAN catalog to maintain information about a 10gR2 database, then you must create the catalog in a 10gR2 database as well.

One other thing to note... SMO does not support using 10gR1 for its repository (because of numerous bugs in 10gR1).

I would suggest creating the SMO repository and RMAN catalog in a 10gR2 database to solve your problem.