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Could SMO or SnapCenter support below environment restore database in DR site?


- RedHat 7.4 two node with 12c R2 RAC Oracle in production site

- use production site SMO backup production site database

- use SnapMirror replicate production RedHat 7.4 all LUN include OS, Binary, Control file, Archive, FRA, Data....  NetApp to DR site NetApp

- when production site failure, DR individual Redhat 7.4 mount all DR site NetApp LUNs, use SMO restore database if require




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the answer to this particular infrastructure is yes, you can deploy the SnapManager for Oracle 3.4.1 on your (RHEL Server 7.4).

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SMO doesn't always work well for DR.  It relies on a repository database that would have to be snapmirrored over to the DR site as well.  There are many caveats to getting this to work correctly.  You would do well to talk to a NetApp Architect about how this would need to be setup.


This scenario is officially supported, and certain steps need to be taken so that to make the process simple (SnapMirror/ quiesce, break, make the volumes writable, (or flexclone existing), attach the SMO repository, choose the appropriate backup, mount or restore , all these steps described are needed. 


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