Data Backup and Recovery

SMO/SD log alert - HTTP Post - Timed out


Complete error from cDOT cluster log:


Filer: <redacted_cluster_nodename>

Time: Tue, Aug 11 13:44:25 2015 -0600

Severity: LOG_ALERT

Message: app.log.alert: <redacted_client_hostname>: snapdrive 5.2.2D4 for UNIX: (4) snap delete

failed: host_name= <redacted_client_hostname>, host_os=SunOS, host_os_release=5.10, host_os_version=Generic_Virtual, No of controller=4, PM/RBAC=native, Host Virtualization=No, Multipath-type=none, Protection Enabled=No,

Protocol=fcp,9046: Failed to remove snapshot smo_<db>_f_h_1_2c9790874f1de9c2014f1de9cbd70001_0_daily on storage system <redacted_lif> : HTTP POST - Timed out

Description: This event is issued when an application is in a condition that should be corrected immediately.

Source: api_dpool_00

Index: 72157705


We are experiencing performance issues on this cDOT cluster (personally I feel it's woefully undersized) - just curious if anyone has seen these errors and if so, what did you do to resolve, if anything? I've searched high and low, can't find any references to this error or a possible cause other than degraded performance.