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SMO : cannot restore/recover database from backup



Description :

We tog the online full backup of the database ,then run 'restore' .But it's not working well as we hopped.

we have the following error :

--[ INFO] SMO-13046: Operation GUID 8a2aa0b2301c978701301c97927d0001 starting on Profile OMXLAB8_PROFILE

--[ INFO] SMO-07431: Saving starting state of the database: OMXLAB8(OPEN).

--[ INFO] SMO-07431: Saving starting state of the database: OMXLAB8(OPEN).

--[ INFO] SMO-07127: Locked database for SnapManager operations - created lock file "/omxlab8/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/dbs/.sm_lock_OMXLAB8" on host

--[ INFO] ORACLE-20000: Changing state for database instance OMXLAB8 from OPEN to STARTED.

--[ INFO] Operation failed. com.netapp.dlm.process.operation.OperationException: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01089: immediate shutdown in progress - no operations are permitted

According to the errors above, the restore cannot be implemented because database is in OPEN mode ( if I don't understand wrong ). The problem is that if I set database in NOMOUNT or MOUNT mode then I cannot open the repository or profile in the SnapOracle application. How can I handle this problem ?

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Hi did you make this restore with GUI.

If yes, make sure you select "Allow shutdown of database if necessary" on second page of your wizard.




Hi pdeshaye,

Thank you for your reply,

I hade done it before I ran 'restore' and the  result of restore process is failed. I also see that I cannot implement the offline backup of database. If the dabase is down then SMO application cannot connect to database . It requires that I have to close the SMO and restart .

This means that I cannot restore database.

Please help

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When you restore, SMO need to put your Database open to mount.

But you error says : "no operations are permitted".

2 ways :

     - Your account can't have permission to shutdown the database you want to restore

     - You don't allow the restore to shutdown the database for restore.



Hi Pascal ,

Your answers are really helpful. I created 2 users before I created new profile

  one for repository and one for database with 'sysdba' privilege.

After restore process was failed then I checked the status of my database and I see that it's in NOMOUNT mode. It means that the user who is granted sysdba privilege can shutdown database.

This error is really driving me headache .



Hey Tien,

Is the Repository also located in the database you are trying to recover?

SMO is unable to backup or recover a database that contains it's repository.

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Hi Winkel,

Thanks for youe reply.

The repository is installed in the other server and the database that i wanna restore is absolutely seperated from the server containing repository.




Oracle is actually running a shutdown for some reason. Please do the following:

1) paste us 100 last lines of alert_${SID}.log

2) try running "shutdown abort;" followed by "startup;" or at least "startup mount"; if you have damaged Oracle database

"ORA-01089: immediate shutdown in progress - no operations are permitted" means that


01089, 00000, "immediate shutdown in progress - no operations are permitted"

// *Cause:  The SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE command was used to shut down

//         a running ORACLE instance, so your operations have been

//         terminated.

// *Action: Wait for the instance to be restarted, or contact your DBA.



Hi Jakub,

I found the reason why the problem occurs. I created a new user smo_oper with sysdba privilege but it seems it's not be working with the privilege he is granted .I connect to the database as smo_oper and it also doesn't work although he has 'sysdba' priv and database says that ORA-01045: user SMO_OPER lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied . It's strange but I'll fix it.

Thank you for all advices .

I close this case

Best regard.