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SMO gui performance


Hi All,

IHAC who is running SMO 3.0.2 on Solaris 9 u9 on a SB490 with 2 x 1.2Ghz cpu's and 16 GB of memory.  The PC's have 2.4 Ghz cpu's and one has 2 GB of memory and the other has 3 GB of memory.  The SMO gui performance was poor.  I noticed that the jvm was consuming 70% of the cpu, so I tweaked the the size of the jvm.  Performance was good for a day.  The jvm only consumed 20% of the cpu doing the same operation that previously consumed 70%.  The performance is now poor again.  Does anyone else have a problem with the SMO gui on Unix?




There is an open burt for performance related issues with the CLI on unix, don't know about the GUI on xwindows as it is not widelly used except for the initial configuration (easier to use for setting up the credentials on a new user)