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SMO profile creation fails for 2 node rac using FCP


I am using SMO 3.3 and snapdrive 5.2. I have my oracle database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (yyzfrac2)

I have a 2 node rac database setup using FCP. I tried creating a profile but it errors out with below message.

--[ INFO ] SMO-13036:Starting operation Profile Create on host yyzfrac2

--[ INFO ] SMO-13046:Operation GUID Baf687a0425433fc-14254340035000a starting on Profile yyzf1

--[ INFO ] SMO-13505: SnapDrive environment verification passed.

--[ INFO ] SMO-13507: JDBC verification for "sys@" passed. Environment: [ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0]

--[ERROR] SMO-05075:Profile create failed:SMO-13504:verify operation failed.Errors: [SMO-12104:Unable to connect to database to perform check. Database may not exist,may not be running,or the ilstener may not be running. Oracle error is: Oracle-10002:error received from connection to Oracle database + ASM2: ORA-01017: invalid username/password;logon denied]



Can you paste the smo log for thi failed operation//this should be avaiable in the following location /var/log/smo...that latest log file should be have the info..

It seems you have created a DB authenticated profile, is that password contains any special chars...

Check ths listener is running properly.... Mostly some config issue with DB authentication...