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SMSQL 5.0 discovery of new databases


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Is the following possible?


We are working with SMSQL and noticed something that could be a major issue.  When we create a backup job, we select the databases to be backed up at the server level, which automatically selects all the user databases below.  Once the job is actually created, whether through the SQL agent or a scheduled task, the command actually specifies the DB’s to be backed up.  When databases are dropped or added (by the developers), it seems that SMSQL will have to be run again to cover the appropriate databases.  Is it possible to setup the jobs to just cover all the User databases without actually selecting the databases through the wizard each time a database is removed or added?






My experience so far is the same. The only way one can recognize the new db's is to run the snapmanger sqlserver configuration one more time.

It would be nice to have a feature where we do not need to but i guess there is no other way to let the tool know that a new db has been added.

Alos every time new db is added one has to delete the job from sqlagent and recreate a new job as simply edition of the existing won't work too.



In this scenario where all databases in a particular SQL Server instance are being backed up the following option is available: -

1. Go to the Windows task manager or Sql Server Agent (depending on where the backup job has been scheduled).

2. Edit the command that is run and just use the server name. For example if the SQL Server host name is SNAPMGR and the instance name is INST1 then the command should look like:-

  new-backup –svr 'SNAPMGR'   -d  'SNAPMGR\INST1', '0'


Sourav Chakraborty

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Thanks Sourav, we will give this a try.