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SMSQL 5.1 (first customer shipment release) bugs


Has anyone been using the latest version of SMSQL release? I've found 2 bugs in this and had to roll back to the old one. the ones I've found are,

  • When you've created a scheduled backup job, by default the value for the parameter -svr is <ServerName>. this doesnt seem to work in this version of SMSQL but you need to manually edit the scheduled job (assuming that you've created a scheduled task rather than a SQL agent job) and change it to <ServerName\SQLInstanceName>. Then it will work.
  • when setting up the nitification settings, it will not take multiple email addresses (well it will let you input it) but will only send the email notificaiton to the first email address only.

Anyone else have had the same problems?? Would be interesting to know.

If these are confirmed we can perhaps flag this up with NetApp for a fix??





It is a bug, check Bug ID: 467369