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SMSQL 6.0 issue: could not run configuration wizard and report "Failed to get mount point settings"


Hi Gurus

IHAC met a strange SMSQL (version 6.0) issues.  several day ago, SMSQL backup is failed and report.

[14:09:22.797]  [DC01-SQL-01] Querying database disk volume configuration...

[14:09:22.797]  [DC01-SQL-01] Getting SnapInfo directories configuration...

[14:09:22.797]  [DC01-SQL-01] Error Code: 0x80070002 系统找不到指定的文件。

[14:09:22.797]  [DC01-SQL-01] Failed to get volume mount point from file path. Using default drive...

After checking, it seems snapinfo LUN drive letter was changed. (not sure the reason).

I want to run configuration wizard and point the snapinfo to new snapinfo path but I was stopped in the beginning because it report "Failed to get mount point settings". 

How to fix that?  I already test SDW and it works.  I restarted SDW, SMSQL service but useless.  your advices are appreciated.



I fixed that by change the drive letter from windows cluster management.  I wonder what should I do in below scenario.

for example, if snapinfo lun is destroyed, I have to manually re-create snapinfo LUN and reconfigure SMSQL by configuration wizard.  is it still report "Failed to get mount point settings"