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SMSQL Delete-Clone Failure - Database Name specified DBTest is not valid for delete clone operation


Im using SMSQL 7.2


Cloning the database went fine, however when trying to delete the clone i get the below log


Initializing [delete-clone]
Connecting to server: [SQLSRV01] [processing]
Connecting to server: [SQLSRV01] [completed]
Retrieving SnapManager Configuration Information: [processing]
Retrieving SnapManager Configuration Information: [completed]
Database Name specified DBTest is not valid for delete clone operation as there are dependent clones.
An Error occured while deleting the Database clone. Please check the SnapManager Reports/Windows EventLogs for more information.
Details:The pipeline has been stopped.


delete-clone : Database Name specified DBTest is not valid for delete
clone operation as there are dependent clones.
At line:1 char:1
+ delete-clone -Server SQLSRV01 -Database 'DBTest'> c:\temp\log.txt
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (SMSQLPSSnapIn.SMSQLPSDeleteClo
ne:SMSQLPSDeleteClone) [delete-clone], Exception
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : [Dependent Clone Exists],SMSQLPSSnapIn.SMSQLPSDeleteClone


When trying to use the clone wizard GUI to remove the clone, i cannot select the database to delete.


This happens when cloning active databases and also cloning from an existing backup set



Im hoping to use this process to Mount some snapshots for our Datawarehouse ETL to use on a nightly basis.






not sure what exactly you are doing, but if you have a clone of a clone, you cannot remove the parent clone, without removing the child clone first.

does that help?




Thanks for the reply, 


Thats what netapp support said, however this as far as i am aware isnt a clone of a clone.


My Steps for this are simple.


in the SMSQL GUI i use the clone wizard to clone active production databases.


I follow the steps and specify what i would like the clones to be called and which server i would like the clones to be mounted to, this step works fine.


It creates the snapshot of the volumes required, it mounts those volumes on the destination sql server and then brings the databases online at the destination.


However the only way then to get rid of the cloned databases, are to manually dismount the databases in sql management studio and then disconnect the luns in snapdrive.


I could understand if i had cloned a clone but that isnt the case.



PS my end goal here is to automate the refresh of our test and development database servers.


Are you detaching the database that is using the clone files?


Has anyone else with this issue determined how to discover where these dependies reside and how to remove them?




Same issue here on SMSQL 7.2.  I have no dependent clones.  Delete-clone fails in GUI and in CLI.  Anyone know if this is resolved in 7.2.1?



Joe Wetmore


You also get this errormessage when the database is not an clone, I just had an example when a previosly cloned database by some reason had become a physical database with files on the ordinary LUNS.  I do not yet know why this happens, but each time it has happened the database file names contain the phrase "Primary"  if I remember correctly.