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SMSQL cDoT and Snapvault




I am using SnapManager for SQL 7.1, Clustered ONTAP 8.2.1 and SnapDrive 7.0.3.


Everything is working as it should, except I am unable to get SMSQL to work with SnapVault.  I understand I need to configure the Backup Archive Options, but they are greyed out when I get to that part of the wizard.


I have configured the SnapVaults on the filer and initialized them.  There is a policy with all of the 5 labels mentioned in the Installation and Administration guide, although I only intend to use 2 of them.


According to the guide this should be all of the pre-requisite steps and then I should just need to "Use SnapManager to back up your databases and select the option to archive backups to secondary

storage.", which is part of the Backup Archive Options that are greyed out.  The guide doesn't mention which volumes need setting up for vaults, but I have done the Database, Logs and Snapinfo volumes which covers all bases?


Has anyone got this working, and if so do you have any pointers as to what I might be missing?



Hi David,

you have done the right thing (snapmirror create and initialize of db, logs, snapinfo), however, did you choose the XDPdefault policy when setting up SnapMirror?

Also, SnapManager talks to the Storage System through the SnapDrive software, not directly. For this reason, you need to ensure SnapDrive is setup to communicate with both the Primary and the secondary Vserver.

hope that helps,



I'm having the same issue, although I'm on cDOT 8.2.2. Archive options are greyed out in SMSQL when running through the Backup Wizard. I have the SnapVault destination configured in SnapDrive Transport Protocol Settings and preferredIP listed via SDCLI. 


At the moment I'm considering running a post-backup powershell script to add the SnapMirror labels and just update the relationships on a schedule.




with SnapDrive 7.x and SMSQL 7.x, Clustered Ontap 8.2 and above, Native SnapVault support works too and it's actually much more simple than configuring it with DFM/PM (which was the requirement in earlier releases). Try first moving just one SQL database to the lun's which are mirrored:


DB1 edb on lun F (vserver1, vol1)

DB1 ldf on lun G  (vserver1, vol2)

DB1 Snapinfo on lun H (vserver1, vol2 or vol3 if you like)


then you should have a snapmirror XDP relationship with vol1,2,3 to vol1_dest, vol2_dest, vol3_dest (if you chose to have a separate volume for snapinfo folder).

it should look like this:



vserver_dest::> snapmirror show -destination-path dd_snapmirr2:SQL2K8R2SP1_SE_DB6_DB_dest

Source Path: vserver_source:SQL2K8R2SP1_SE_DB6_DB
Destination Path: vserver_dest:SQL2K8R2SP1_SE_DB6_DB_dest
Relationship Type: XDP
SnapMirror Schedule: -
Tries Limit: -
Throttle (KB/sec): unlimited
Mirror State: Snapmirrored
Relationship Status: Idle
Transfer Snapshot: -
Snapshot Progress: -
Total Progress: -
Snapshot Checkpoint: -
Newest Snapshot: sqlsnap__tst-sql01_12-16-2014_07.02.15
Newest Snapshot Timestamp: 12/16 07:04:07
Exported Snapshot: sqlsnap__tst-sql01_12-16-2014_07.02.15
Exported Snapshot Timestamp: 12/16 07:04:07
Healthy: true
Unhealthy Reason: -
Constituent Relationship: false
Destination Volume Node: ams-node-02
Relationship ID: 37c233f9-811d-11e4-8668-123478563412
Transfer Type: -
Transfer Error: -
Current Throttle: -
Current Transfer Priority: -
Last Transfer Type: update
Last Transfer Error: -
Last Transfer Size: 73.69KB
Last Transfer Duration: 0:0:13
Last Transfer From: vserver_source:SQL2K8R2SP1_SE_DB6_DB
Last Transfer End Timestamp: 12/16 07:04:08
Progress Last Updated: -
Relationship Capability: 8.2 and above
Lag Time: 0:14:27
SnapMirror Policy: source1-to-dest2


see attachment.


Should this work in a Mirror-Vault cascade? I know SMSQL 7.1 doesn't support a fanout configuration.






that's a good question.

At the moment, there is a limitation with SnapDrive and SnapManager products, so if you do want to do both Snapmirror DP and SnapMirror XDP, then Snapmanager would not allow you to check the box.

Disable either one or the other and you will be able to update the Mirror/Vault from SnapManager.

In future version, I believe our developers are working to get this working too, but I can't promise anything.




Apparently this is resolved with cDoT 8.2.2 and SnapDrive 7.1, but I have yet to do the upgrade to check for myself.


Do you mean we are able to use DP and XDP from source volume at same time with ONTAP 8.2.2 and snapdrive 7.1?..

I am haivng the same problem, we are using  SMSQL 7, SMSQL job is updating the mirror and  I want to setup the snapvault(XDP) relation from same source volume, Info mentioned in the below link says we cann't use  the snapvault and mirror from same source volume using snapmagager for SQL


Looking for a power shell script or some automated process for snapvault relations...





I have seen this behavior when the SnapDrive Transport Protocol Settings still had the default enabled to RPC. The settings had the primary and the secondary storage listed under "Storage Systems", but default was still RPC (left over from 7m migration). Removed the tick from enabled and suddenly everything worked.